Dairy’s changing future

The PICCC team hosted a showcase event in August for the recently-completed PICCC project Dairy business for future climates. Attended by researchers, industry, state and federal government, extension professionals and agribusiness, the event was an opportunity to profile the findings on how farms may perform under predicted climate changes out to 2040, and how adaptation can modify these impacts.

The project was led by Brendan Cullen (UM), Margaret Ayre (UM), Gillian Hayman (Dairy Australia) and Matt Harrison (Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture).

Presentations from the day are available at www.piccc.org.au/resource/dairy-event-presentations.

You can read more about the projects findings at https://pursuit.unimelb.edu.au/articles/dairy-s-climate-changing-future, and watch a video summary of the project on YouTube.