Rural Women's Network Invitation

Rural Women’s Network starting on July 1, 2017

This is an invitation for rural and regional Victorian women to register for the Rural Women’s Network re-commencing on July 1.

The Network began in 1986 to provide links to other women, share information and enable Victorian rural women to join public conversations with a cohesive voice. It continued until 2013 and at its peak had 11,000 subscribers.

After consultation with rural women, and in response to Victoria’s Gender Equality Strategy the Rural Women’s Network will recommence.

The network will provide a credible source of information for rural and regional women with events, ideas, an e-newsletter Network and social media platforms, leadership training opportunities and inspiring stories.

It will serve women by sharing information and opportunities about improving career prospects, workforce participation and in this way, close the gender gap in rural and regional areas.

Many groups, programs and activities are already achieving great things for Victorian rural women. The re-established Rural Women’s Network will build on these by providing a vital connection between women of all ages and diverse agriculture interests.

We look forward to working with groups and individuals to help close this gender gap when the Rural Women’s Network begins on July 1. Help us create a network of people, ideas and possibilities for all women.

To sign up for the Network go to: