Angela Avery

Angela Avery

Research Director (Agricultural Resources), Agriculture Research Division


Degree - Applied Science - University of Melbourne
Graduate Diploma of Business - Computing - Charles Sturt University, New South Wales
Certificate of Frontline Management - Swinburne University, Melbourne

Areas of expertise:

  • Management of the Rutherglen Research Feedlot including R&D and commercial contracts, facility
  • Section manager for the Food and Wine Section – this included staff, project and science quality
  • Key Project Manager SRI - This has involved the statewide coordination of projects in terms of initiation, development, delivery, contract management and stakeholder relationship management
  • Project leader for a three consecutive pasture based projects for the dairy industry in north east Victoria. These projects identified new grazing strategies for phalaris and increased knowledge of growth and dormancy patterns of new cultivars. The findings of this project were communicated to the dairy industry by a phalaris-grazing manual. The success of this project was recognised by other extensive grazing industries and a second manual was produced for the sheep and beef industries
  • Project leader of a cluster of projects for the pasture seed industry including a large 3-year multi-state project investigating herbage management and fertilisation application on subclover seed production. A second year project was completed to produce a large manual detailing guidelines to significantly increase seed production.
  • Author of one of RIRDC best selling books – “Pastures for Horses - a Winning Resource”.
  • Project leader of the largest equine grazing experiment in southeastern Australia. This project identified that industry acceptable growth rates could be achieved from pasture by young thoroughbred horses. This project also identified pasture intake of horses. Extensive national and international communication opportunities including TV and conferences arose from this project.
  • Project leader of the Rutherglen Temperate Pasture Sustainability Key Project precursor to the Sustainable Grazing Systems Project funded by MLA. This work developed new grazing guidelines to increase cocksfoot and phalaris persistence in the high rainfall zone.
  • Project leader for Landmark - large integrated project investigating the sustainability (environmental, economic and social) of dryland agricultural land use in three states. This project is funded by the MDBC and has progress the methodology to link research and policy  
Ms Angela Avery
Angela Avery