Wheat-pulse dynamics


This core agronomic component of AGFACE studies the response of wheat and field peas in a multi-year rotation system to elevated carbon dioxide (eCO2) under two different irrigation levels. Carbon and nitrogen dynamics, yield, biomass, plant and grain nitrogen, various yield components, soil water and many other factors are measured to understand response and validate crop simulation models


Yields for field pea under eCO2 increased up to 50% compared to ambient. Nitrogen uptake of wheat and peas increased due to increases in aboveground biomass. The increase in nitrogen in the straw is expected to increase the amount of nitrogen available to the following wheat crop in rotation. This could help offset the need for additional nitrogen fertiliser under future eCO2 conditions. Analysis is on-going.

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Dr Glenn Fitzgerald
  • Dr Glenn Fitzgerald
  • Senior Scientist, facility coordinator and AGFACE program leader
  • Agriculture Victoria

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  • Dr Glenn Fitzgerald
    Agriculture Victoria
  • Garry O'Leary
    Agriculture Victoria
  • Saman Seneweera
    Jason Brand
    Agriculture Victoria
  • James Nuttall
    Agriculture Victoria
  • Ashley Wallace
    Agriculture Victoria

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  • Agriculture Victoria

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  • Agriculture Victoria
  • University of Melbourne