2014 Think Tank presentations

2014 Think Tank presentations

The PICCC Think Tank on the sustainable intensification of agriculture was held on the 30 September at the Melbourne Business School. The event attracted 94 delegates, including more than 50 scientists. There was also good representation from a number of farmers, industry, policy, consultants and farm advisers.

To force a quantum leap in our thinking around the future of agriculture, we challenged our UoM and DEPI scientist speakers to address the question:

It is now 2050 and we are looking back at the past 35 years to identify the key innovations, research, policies and practices adopted by industry that have allowed us to increase agricultural productivity, without increasing our impact on the environment or further degrading the natural resource base. In other words, we have achieved sustainable intensification.

Presentations were made by PICCC researchers on their vision for the meat, dairy, horticulture and grains industries in 2050. A final theme presentation covered the economic and water challenges likely to impact the sector as a whole. 

The presentations delivered as part of the workshop program are available to download below.

For more information on the outputs of the event please contact us.