Project index

Research leaders from the University of Melbourne and Agriculture Victoria are currently working to establish collaborative research opportunities and projects to be delivered jointly through PICCC. Below is a list of all active and archived projects developed under the PICCC banner.

Research theme Project title Project leadership Status
Mitigation and Modelling Target-N2O Targeting N2O emission hotspots in dairy pastures for mitigation action: microbes, stable isotope methods and modelling. Dr Karina Marsden Active
Adaptation Forewarned is forearmed (FWFA): equipping farmers and agricultural value chains to proactively manage the impacts of extreme climate events Prof Richard Eckard, Dr Ann-Maree Graham Active
Nitrous oxide Are nitrification inhibitors an economical choice to reduce nitrous oxide emissions under real farm scenarios? Stefan Arndt, Luke Visser Active
Adaptation Australian Grains Free Air Carbon dioxide Enrichment (AGFACE) Glenn Fitzgerald Active
Barley yellow dwarf virus under elevated carbon dioxide Glenn Fitzgerald Active
Adaptation Below-ground processes: soil-crop interactions and nutrient dynamics under elevated carbon dioxide Glenn Fitzgerald Active
Adaptation Grain quality response to elevated carbon dioxide Glenn Fitzgerald Active
Adaptation Crop traits for productivity in a high carbon dioxide world under drought and heat Glenn Fitzgerald Active
Methane Technologies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing offset options for the beef and dairy industries Joe Jacobs Active
Modelling Quantifying the whole farm systems impact of nitrogen best practice on dairy farms Professor Richard Eckard Active
Mitigation Carbon farming training for extension providers in the Extension and Outreach program Professor Richard Eckard, Dr Ann-Maree Graham Archived
Adaptation Crossing the threshold: adaptation tipping points for Australian fruit trees Sigfredo Fuentes, Rebecca Darbyshire Archived
Modelling Dairy businesses for future climates Gillian Hayman, Brendan Cullen Archived
Nitrous oxide Decreasing nitrous oxide emissions in high rainfall legume / wheat cropping systems Sally Officer Archived
Nitrous oxide Enhanced efficiency fertilisers as mitigation tools for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from intensive agricultural systems in Australia Deli Chen Archived
Methane Enteric methane abatement strategies for ruminant production systems in south eastern Australia Peter Moate Archived
Methane Enteric methane mitigation strategies through manipulation of feeding systems for ruminant production in southern Australia Brian Leury Archived
Modelling Facilitation of improvement in systems modelling capacity for Carbon Farming Futures Andrew Moore Archived
Nitrous oxide Improving nitrous oxide abatement in high rainfall cropping systems Rob Harris Archived
Soil carbon Increasing soil carbon in eastern Australian farming systems: linking management, nitrogen and productivity Fiona Robertson Archived
Methane Livestock methane research cluster Deli Chen Archived
Adaptation Mitigation and Adaptation for the Australian Dairy Industry Deli Chen Archived
Nitrous oxide Mitigation of indirect greenhouse gases in intensive agricultural production systems with the use of inhibitors Helen Suter Archived
Nitrous oxide Reducing nitrous oxide emissions from applied nitrogen with nitrification inhibitors: identification of the key drivers of performance Deli Chen Archived
Adaptation Southern slopes climate change adaptation research partnership (SCARP) Peat Leith Archived
Nitrous oxide The potential of inhibitors for the mitigation of nitrous oxide emissions from animal production systems in south-eastern Australia Kevin Kelly Archived
Nitrous oxide The use of inhibitors to improve nitrogen cycling and reduce nitrous oxide losses from intensively grazed pasture systems Professor Richard Eckard Archived
Adaptation Wheat trait response to elevated carbon dioxide Glenn Fitzgerald Archived
Adaptation Wheat-pulse dynamics under elevated carbon dioxide Glenn Fitzgerald Archived
Modelling Whole farm systems analysis of greenhouse gas abatement options for the southern Australian grazing industries Richard Rawnsley Archived
Modelling Adaptation in the southern livestock industries: whole farm systems analysis of climate change impacts on the southern grazing industries Professor Richard Eckard Archived
Adaptation Adaptation of a range of wheat types to elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration Glenn Fitzgerald Archived
Adaptation Adapting to agricultural pests and diseases under future climates Glenn Fitzgerald Archived