Southern slopes adaptation partnership

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The Southern Slopes Climate Change Adaptation Research Partnership (SCARP) was funded through the federal government’s Climate Impacts and Adaptation Research Program, as part of an initiative to advance planning for climate change across Australia’s 56 Natural Resource Management (NRM) regions.

Project outline

SCARP worked with NRM planners on strategies for dealing with the uncertainty and complexity of climate change. Its objectives were to provide regionally-relevant information on climate change impacts and potential adaptation responses, and to improve the capacity of regional NRM organisations to plan for climate change. The Southern Slopes Cluster region consists of five coastal Victorian Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs), three Tasmanian NRM regions and NSW's Southern East Local Land Services.


Researchers engaged with the regions via interviews, focus groups and workshops to determine needs and capacity, and create information products to meet those requirements. A comprehensive range of publications and planning tools were delivered, which NRM organisations in the region are now using for both short and long-term adaptive planning.

Through interdisciplinary research and a participatory, co-production approach, SCARP has built capacity, skill and self-efficacy among the NRM planners and the research team.
The emerging community of practice will ensure the lessons learnt will be built into future planning. Ongoing research and support for this work will be important for continuing to extend the theory of adaptation pathways into practice.

The publications (as listed below) cover climate change impacts, carbon sequestration opportunities, adaptation planning approaches, spatial prioritisation of scarce resources and adaptive capacity assessment. They provide information and enabling approaches that NRM planners are currently adopting as integral components of their climate change impact and adaptation plans and engagement processes.


For further information

Visit the SCARP page on the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture website, or contact Dr Peat Leith (team leader) or Liz Hamilton.

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